Air Conditioning Products
RPS Linear Fixed bar Grilles
 » 3mm blade thickness.
» 5mm blade thickness.
» 10mm blade thickness.
RPS Adjustable Blade Grilles
» Single Louver horizontal blade
» Single Louver vertical blade
» Double Louver front horizontal  
» Double Louver front vertical
RPS Exhaust Air Grilles
» Horizontal fixed bar grilles
» Perforated type grilles
» Egg Crate grilles
RPS Grilles with removable cores
RPS Air transfer grilles- Non vision type
RPS Acoustic transfer grilles
RPSFloor Grilles
» Light duty floor grilles  
» Heavy duty floor grilles  
RPS Curved Grilles for circular ducting- Aluminum and GI Construction.
RPS 4 way square grilles
RPS Multicone Ceiling Square Diffusers with removable core( 4 way, 3 way    and 2 way type)
» Fully extruded aluminum square diffuser
» Aluminum sheet core square diffuser
» (Joint-less one piece)
» Anti smudge ring square diffuser
» Tegular type square diffuser
» M.S. sheet square diffuser
RPS Continuous Slot Diffusers  
» Continuous slot diffuser with adjustable internal  
» control flow vanes, with 80mm height.  
» Continuous slot diffuser with sliding internal  
» control flow vanes, with 45mm height.  
RPS Linear slot diffusers  
» One way type linear diffuser  
» Two way type linear diffuser  
RPS Laminar Flow Diffusers  
RPS Perforated Face Diffusers  
RPS Adjustable Vanes Diffusers  
RPS Circular Plain Face Diffusers  
RPS Circular Perforated Face Diffusers  
RPS Drum Jet Diffusers  
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