Air cooling unit :
An evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process water evaporation with a simple reliable airmoving system. Fresh outside air is pulled through moist pads, where it is cooled by evaporation and circulated through a house or building by a blower.
Advantage of Evaporative Air Cooling
» Introduces 100% fresh air.
» Windows and doors left open.
» Keeps the air moist, great for allergy and asthmatic conditions.
» Full ventilation exhausts odors, germs.
» Increased cooling capacity as outside temperature rises.
» 70% Less than the installation costs of air conditioning.
» 90% Less than the running costs of air conditioning.
Corner Cast Iron 24 G.I.-P.P Sheet Outside 24 G.I.GI Inside
Sheet Metal 16 G. G.I. Puf Insulation CFC Free
Insulation No Insulation 100mm C Channel
Base 100mm C Channel MS /SS
Thank MS / SS G.I / Aluminium
Filter Frame Cushy Foot Mounting Cushy Foot Mounting
Vibration Isolatior Cenrifugal Fan-Forward Curved / Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan - forward Curved / Backward Curved
Fan Cellulose Pad Cellulose Pad
Cooling Media Horizontal / Vertical Horizontal / Vertical
Air Discharge Ceiling Suspended / foot Mounting Ceiling Suspended / foot Mounting
Main components which makes air cooling/air washer most efficient among other competitors/manufacturers
The standard pre-filter are made of G.I./ Aluminum construction having efficiency 90% down to 70 micron. Depends on application the fine filters of various efficiencies also can be provided.
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