Ventilation & Exhaust Units (AHU)
With this experience and expertise we are suppliers and service provider a wide range of air handling units in our automated manufacturing facility. Our Air Handling Units (AHU) is available up to 100,000 cfm capacity. The panels are pressure injected with CFC free polyurethane foam up to 40 Kg/cum densities. The entire framework is mounted on a galvanized steel channel base. The condensate drain pan is fabricated out of corrosion resistant SS-304 stainless steel insulated on outside with close cell insulation. The units are compact in design to provide vibration-free, noiseless performance and are easily maintainable.

Ventilation Units
CAPACITY RANGE: 1000 cfm to 40000 cfm.
APPLICATIONS: Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries and Industrial units.
Available in Single/Double Skin construction belt driven forward/backward curve fan. Multi-stage filtration available on request.
Air Washers
Air Washer, an air cooling equipment is manufactured by us in both single and double skin construction with compact, low height with multi centrifugal fan design. Double skin units are available with aluminium profile. The new, innovative designs guarantee predictable performance, long life expectancy and near zero maintenance.
CAPACITY RANGE: 1000 cfm to 100000 cfm
APPLICATIONS: Supermarket, Office, Shopping Mall, Showroom, Restaurant & Bar, School, Institute, Marriage / Conference Hall, Industry, Poultry Farm, Green House, Generator Room and even in your Home
» Specially designed distributor tray for uniform water distribution.
» Very high efficiency (upto 90%) with 'Cellulose Paper' cooling pads
» Variable humidification of the supply air for partial saturation
» Low running cost - Huge savings in the power consumption bills as compared to central air conditioning system.
» Negligible maintenance
» Provides dust free environment.
» Unlike the conventional coolers, this system is odorless.
Air Scrubber
Scrubbers are used to remove airborne contaminants prior to discharging a waste air stream. The scrubber used a series of spray nozzles to direct water droplets over and through the waste stream. The contaminants are captured by the water droplets and are carried down to the bottom of the scrubber for discharge. Scrubber shall be single/double spray modular, Draw/ Blow type comprising various sections such as mixing chambers, spray sections, filter section, fan section(SISW/DIDW), mist elimination etc.
CAPACITY RANGE: 1000 cfm to 100000 cfm
Industrial, Restaurant & Bar, Residential, Institute, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Generator Room, etc.
» Totally compact prefabricated unit from factory
» Corrosion free, leak free, heavy duty GI/PVC/SS pipes.
» Brass Nozzles give fine hollow spray with wide angle.
» Negligible maintenance
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